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Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 11:01 pm

...I think I've found the right title for the Madness sequel. I'm tentatively calling it The Measure of a Man. I wanted something to go with the first story's title, and this one will work with the story. So, you guys like, or no?

Also, I was asked if I'd provide a little sample of what I have so far.

Chapter One - Midnight Shakes The Memory

I do not continue to exist, so much as I am constantly reborn. In the warm dark I drift in cradling seas, and in the womb the planet made for me I am alone. Thus far only the Dark Ones, who spoke with menace of purity and reaping, have disturbed this dream-like state, and they retreated at last when She came. She comes to me sometimes, and though She never stays long, when Her arms spread wide the darkness...for a moment, all is light. Blinding, unpoisoned by the dark goddess, sky and sea to my iron and blood. She hurts me with all that I am not. It is a kind of brilliant pain.

My hell is Her absence, my punishment memory. My life as Genesis Rhapsodos is clearer to me here than ever before, the wounded child, the weaver of terrible webs. In death only have I come to understand the sorrow I inflicted on the living. So many nameless faces in nostalgic moonlight. Goro's childish features still in death. The blond boy who became a hero. Angeal's precious Puppy. Angeal, my dearest friend, who tended my childhood scrapes and forgave my adult crimes. Angeal, you were not the one I wanted, but you were the first thing I remember loving, even before Her.

I know the story is not over, because I breathe still, and I hear. Because I long for Him as much as ever I did and always I will. I believe He lives but cannot know, and that is my other punishment - I can sense Angeal, and Zack, and the other self-aware spirits in the Lifestream. But I cannot sense Him.

Even so, I have not given up. The planet turns, the fields renew their green, and the tale is passed on. The Goddess has not one hero, but three, and they must gather together to meet their fates. I am growing stronger here in this guf, and I have been since the Dark Ones came. She needs me at last, and will send me in due time to those who are reaching out to me. Nothing shall forestall my return, and nothing will stop me from saving Him or helping the one who can.

The only who is it that is calling me.


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