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September 4th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, September 4th, 2010 09:16 pm

By which I mean Amarissia is tired, was dragged all over town by Militant Vegan Sister to antique shops (she works in one and is often sent to spy on the others :)), and all over this fun little bazaar by the beach, and it was HOURS, and CROWDED, OMG. Made Amarissia a bit twitchy, but I'm getting better.

Marchwarden has just made me giggly with glee and the lovely Mona has made me feel warm and fuzzy toward humans for a little while, so now armed with my trusty booklight I shall see if I can't do my meditation and write into the night. Just a few things first...

One, Cloud was inspired by Mona's video and may be popping through any of your portals at any time to offer hugs. So if he shows up, just give him a good squeeze and send him back, since it's nearly his bedtime.

Two, up to episode 63 of Bleach and I seem to have finished an arc. YAY! I still really like it, but yike, I can hardly keep track of who I'm supposed to be hating. I have noticed that villains are allowed to speechify or flashback for whole episodes. This is a very slow-moving series, but I'm much more concerned for Ichigo. He seems to lose more blood per episode than most humans possess.

Three, good night all, and I hope you're having a lovely weekend. In the words of the great John Cleese, "You have the head of a cookie. I want to eat it."