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July 28th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 04:19 pm

Once again, ignore the subject line. Just me MST3K-ing.

GAH, Hotmail, I swear to all the gods if you keep changing your layout for no reason whatsoever every time I step away, I will kill you with a spork. Somehow. I'll figure it out.

Started my school program today, so a little overwhelmed and head is aching a bit, because I sped through everything available to do in both my classes this morning. I have live, streaming lectures tonight and tomorrow night, more discussion board stuff to do, etc., and studying. Studying is now part of my life again. Actually, I never really studied much, so YAY, I'm screwed. :) Thank you all for the encouragement.

Now I just have to figure out a way to talk to my classmates and professors like Amarissia talks to you guys (minus the smut), because I seem to have, out of apprehension, reverted to my old high school habit of talking like a complete robot. Every sentence is 'one does this', 'one must consider that', while my classmates are talking IN ALL CAPS YO or like, y'know, human beings. *facepalm* High-school English flashbacks. Every time I dared answer a question, everyone either stared or asked the teacher to please translate. GAH.

I am actually writing still, but it's going rather slow. I'm still working out where to go with Pendulum, and Genesis has hijacked my new Zangeal short for the purposes of tormenting his ShinRa-issued heterosexual psychiatrist. As he tends to do. I can only promise there will be kink. Genesis would never get in the way of Zangeal sexing, especially the extra-naughty, wee-let's-involve-the-Buster variety.

Zack: "Oh no, no way, I told you I'm not letting anyone stick - "

C'mon, Zacky. Be a team player. You don't see Angeal all wigging about desecrating his sword, do you?

Angeal: *tries hard not to smile*
Zack: *POUT*