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July 24th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, July 24th, 2010 04:19 pm

Okay, so I haz the good internet, finally. But there was much dealing with people both in person and on the phone because Netgear likes to mess with my head, I Feel very much like a cat with its back arched and its hair sticking up and its eyes bugging out, like Silverstream does when he sees Genesis naked. You know what I mean, right Stella? About the cat thing, I mean.

Let's be honest, though, we've probably all seen Genesis naked by now.

So, catching up, excuse late replies, may possibly pass out for next few days, has school coming up. *waves hands frantically* Thingy. I but with thingy.

Zack: "She's finally cracked."

*hugs all*

This is Cloud!!! I saw a butterfly today!! A big yellow one, as big as the orange ones!!! And it was with a little white one, you think they're friends? I wish me and Seph could be butterflies together.

Okay, Cloudy, that's enough. :)

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, July 24th, 2010 05:23 pm

Many of you have expressed interest in learning more about Genesis's mysterious boyfriend Sage, and our friend [ profile] emokirby24 has kindly obliged. You can meet him in this post of hers here. :)

Genesis: "Needless to say, he's much hotter than his picture. And a vampire, the non-sparkly kind. Now do be nice to my Sagey, dears."