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July 2nd, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Friday, July 2nd, 2010 08:42 pm

Well, that's not precisely what it happened, but I imagine it feels much the same. Last night, just after I told you all about plushie-Cloud and was feeling all happy, my building's fire alarm went off. Turns out some moron was cooking steak and let it burn, badly, then decided to mysteriously not be home to answer his door, which no one would simply kick in as I suggested (and offered to myself). All is fine, but the alarm is very, very loud. You really don't, as a rule, want to mix autism with loud noise that one can't control. My sister kept me calm, sort of, otherwise I might have just curled into a ball and hummed the whole time.

Then today, YAY, Amarissia gets new glasses prescription she needs (my eyes are healthy, my vision just sucks, so I'll have the new specs in 10-14 days) but evil eye doctor (who was otherwise charming) decided he wanted to come at me with those drops that dilate your pupils. Because yes. Amarissia is not already sensitive enough to bright light, let's make it worse on a sunny day. My dad had to help me back to the car and ack, I still have a headache. But my eyes are black! Awesome! They're going back to green, though.

All in all, too much sensory overload in too little time has left me jittery, so probably won't be able to write. Will probably be flustered over formatting and margins for a while anyway. Don't worry, the muses will stop being lazy eventually.

Zack: "It's not laziness so much as self-preservation."

And I'm not so blocked I can't drabble a certain someone getting a Buster Sword up his you-know-what, so that's enough out of you, darling.

Zack: *hides behind Angeal*

Teasing Zack always makes me feel better. Maybe when Gen has finished his marathon sex session with his boytoy we can actually work on the aforementioned story...

*hugs all*

Ooh, and sister just brought me sweet tea. Yum.