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June 23rd, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 02:35 pm

Since there seems to be interest in my first negative review (and so much hugging and sweetness from you guys, thank you all), I shall post said review here so you can all see what made me go "Hmm." It was for Irreparable, by the way, my most recent Decorum.

How confusing, I thought for sure higher level people in the army would get PTSD training, at least how to identify it, stuff like that. And that there'd be seminars for the low level grunts, I mean, it can't be the first time an important SOLDIER died.

It makes me mad to see Sephiroth so impotent and ignorant.

It was signed 'Anya', and not a logged-in review, so I can't respond to it. So I'll do so here. I think catharsis is a good thing, though Anya may not agree.

Firstly, in the Decorum canon, ShinRa does have psychiatrists on hand, and they are available at all times for individual therapy and to provide more widespread counseling in the event of a company tragedy. High-up SOLDIERs have died before (Genesis wasn't very high-up because he was so young...I'll get to that in a future installment...but that one took quite a toll too.), and those SOLDIERs willing to show their grief got help from the company shrinks and other resources. They are tough guys, though, who usually get through it just by being together and fighting on.

Angeal's death (uh, spoiler alert?) was unprecendented. We mostly see Angeal big-brothering Sephy or looking after Zack, but he was popular with everyone. SOLDIERs, executives, even Turks liked him a lot. He was the glue that held things together. He was the embodiment of Sephiroth's humanity before Zack opened up his heart. He was encouraging to the low-ranked, down to earth with the higher-ups, ShinRa's second-best warrior and number one diplomat. He remembered everyone's names and their kids's birthdays. You guys know me, so you know him. He was practically a saint. You can't be prepared for that kind of loss.

And if this is about Hojo and his bringing a syringe to a funeral, you should know that there was a joint effort among a few unnamed Turks and 1st Classes that resulted in his lab being trashed two days later. :)

As for Sephiroth...he's not impotent or ignorant, and I'm sorry if he came across that way. Sephiroth has undergone a lot of change in only about a year's time - realizing he loved Zack, beginning their relationship, letting his friends see more of him than ever before, and truly valuing his life in a way he never had before. Sephy was crushed by Genesis's death, but back then he was so under Hojo's thumb that he didn't dare express his grief the way he needed to, except a little, when alone with Angeal. He got through it because he still had Angeal. He learned so much about being human from Angeal. He loved Angeal like family, even though he'd never known what having a family must be like. Sephiroth was in shock and mourning Angeal and mourning Genesis and Gast all over again and trying to hold Zack together. I think, all things considered, he did so well.