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May 9th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Sunday, May 9th, 2010 01:29 am offer a quick apology for the length of time it's taking me to update...well, everything. It just won't come lately, I seem to be having a dry spell. They pass, of course, but until then, FRUSTRATING. The weather's been weird, too, and I think the pollen is getting to me and making me alternately tired and babble-y (the recent increase in my psychotropics might be to blame too). Today I went and got Claritin just in time, before I could collapse in a tired heap and/or terrify yet another shopkeeper.

Also, been venturing out more. My sister and I discovered a cute little cafe we both like and - shock - they actually serve stuff she can eat. (She's a disapproving vegan who shakes her head at my hedonist, gluten-eating lifestyle.) All very nice, aside from the painful sunburn I got and the sight of what seemed to be a drunk Santa Claus in short shorts and fanny pack wobbling by and trying to high-five people's kids.

Okay, if I can't write yet (and I promise, I am at least constantly plotting), I should really sleep, and enjoy the little time I have before I become a summer-hating sociopath who spends all day huddled under the air conditioner. If I could magically anthropomorphize humidity into a living, humanoid thing, I would probably bludgeon it to death.

On that happy note, good night, all, and Happy Mother's Day to those of you brave and crazy enough to have brought life into this wacky world.

Cloud: *passes out sunflowers, giggles*