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March 30th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 04:35 pm

Can't talk long, I must do some Japanese study and FORCE MYSELF to write and possibly snatch back my markerboard from Cloud, since he appropriated it for picture-drawing and I got it for the purpose of kanji practice.

BUT, I wanted to share a bit of joy, namely that I actually had a conversation today with someone I haven't known my whole life, which for me is a big big deal. I was returning Silent Hill Origins to GameStop because I can't handle the constant weapon breakage and the looming threat of Pyramid-Head and his mannequin-defiling and ended up chatting a bit with the very nice clerk. About games we like, and anime, and yeah, apparently I really need to see Bleach if I want to keep calling myself an anime-fan. It's like being a Lord of the Rings fan who's never seen the Bakshi version. Anyone familiar with Xenogears? Clerk-Guy said it's the coolest RPG ever, although he also loved FFVII (and specifically said Cloud is awesome :)). He's not a fan of VIII, though. Guess the Squall/Seifer sexual tension doesn't do it for everyone.

SO. I have triumphed over Fatal Frame 2 with no pants-wetting (just barely) and I seem to be functioning better socially, but the important thing is that today, a total stranger called me an otaku. *GRIN*