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February 26th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Friday, February 26th, 2010 11:18 pm

Non-fanfic formatting is SUCK. If I ever actually publish this book, I never want to look at it again. It's not nearly dirty enough to keep my attention anyway. :)

Irreparable is proceeding, slowly, but must keep in mind that it's definitely the longest Decorum yet. I don't like that they just seem to keep getting bigger. Anyway, I stalled on the writing this morning, but I'm only a few paragraphs from completion, and I've kept the typing very close, so it won't be long now. Maybe even tomorrow, if the muses cooperate.

Speaking of which, Zack is out of his room and not death-glaring me anymore, but he's very grumpy and sticking close to Angeal. I tried putting on some Junjou Romantica to distract the Choir, since there's still two couples in it whose arcs I haven't watched, but of course, we hit Angeal-voice. Again. This guy needs a vacation.

Zack: *grumbles*

What was that, dear?

Cloud: *flapping Patrick's wings* "Zack says Angeal is his his his and it's not fair."
Angeal: *smile* "Yes, I am. I promise, Puppy, if I ever happen to meet my voice, I will explain the situation to him and ask if he'd mind not working on yaoi."

HEY! NOOO! Then Hayami Show will have to do all the jerkwad semes by himself! Ooh, wait, that could be awesome...not for Sephy, though.

Sephy: *glare* "Muraki-Voice..."

Zack, I'm sure everyone's been worried about you, why don't you say hi to everyone, just to reassure them?

Zack: "Hey, all."

I really am sorry. But Angeal's death is part of Decorum's canon, it needed to be done. And anyway, you've still got your Angeal, right? And you guys are still cavity-inducingly perfect together, right?

Zack: "Yeah...don't let him read any more mpreg, though, okay? He's still giving me those creepy looks and last night I woke up to find him putting a pillow under my T-shirt."
Angeal: *coughs* "It wasn't what it looked like."
Zack: " know what, read all the fic you want, 'cause that's the only place it's happening!" *hug*

Hmm, sleep, type, write? Email? While I decide, I'll leave you with two random videos. First up, some gigglies for fellow Mirage of Blaze fans, who have probably already seen/heard it, but it bears repeating:

And this just in - Zack's voice is afraid of butterflies. Makes you wonder how he handled fighting Genesis.