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February 21st, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Sunday, February 21st, 2010 08:55 pm

I was re-watching some episodes of Hetalia Axis Powers because they make me giggle (and because the sub for episode 51 isn't available yet, GAH) and I remembered hearing that Funimation has acquired the license to do the English dub. Since I like Funimation, and so far the only dubs I can stand have been theirs, this makes Amarissia happy. So I went looking to see if there's been any announcement about who's voicing who.

Nope...but apparently there's a petition to get James Arnold Taylor for the main character, Northern Italy. WHA? Isn't that the guy who voiced Tidus in FFX? Now, I don't hate this guy passionately as the funny people at do, but I don't think he could pull off a cutesy, chibi character like Italy. Yike. And I haven't really seen enough dubs to offer many alternatives, but I thought I'd muse about it and see if you guys have some suggestions as well.

For Northern Italy: Luci Christian, maybe? She's awfully good, and it's obvious she can pull off cute really well. See Ouran High School Host Club and Hunny-Senpai for example.

For America: For some reason, I think Vic Mignogna would be pretty hilarious.

For Germany: Travis Willingham? He's good at the super-serious thing. Plus it would reunite Mori and Hunny from Ouran, so that's fun.

For Japan: Chris Patton, doing his soft-spoken thing. Hell, just grab the whole FMA cast and have them rock-paper-scissors for parts.

Hmm, who else? It's unlikely that I'll even end up watching the dubs...unless of course these people, my favorites, are used. *looks hopefully at Funimation* Hurry up and do it, Amarissia wants!