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February 6th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, February 6th, 2010 12:45 pm

Doubtless you are wondering what the hell I am talking about in the subject line. CMP, for short, is a YouTube user I have just discovered, who makes some very funny videos, some of which I will now share with you. Because if you are in the same situation as me, the massive amount of snow outside says we will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Not that this is particularly pertinent to an agoraphobe, but still. Stupid snow taking away my options. You know what's sadder than an agoraphobe with cabin fever? NOTHING. Except...all my favorite animes. Damn it.

First up, this is the funniest Death Note video ever. EVAH!

And now, L and Light are the Ambiguously Gay Duo! (Not so much ambiguous, if you ask me.)

Keeping with the theme of laughing at Zack because his voice is a perv...

Our own Ryu-chan's voice is given the same treatment, only more G-rated, 'cause, well, it's Ryu-chan!

Ouran In 5 Seconds --- Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

Behold, Ouran spoofs! Three parts, though I think number two is my favorite.

A word about video number one - yes, that does seem to be Light's actual seiyuu singing the first Death Note opening theme song. How this came about, I don't know. I suspect drunkenness, an after-party and karaoke might be involved.

And we'll go off-topic and close with Zack's DMW memories of Angeal. I need angst to offset all that parody crack, and it's fun to watch Choir!Angeal get all guilty and squeeze-snuggle Zack.

Zack: "Help...being crushed...again..."

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, February 6th, 2010 04:48 pm

...I'm not sure I can even describe this. I was going to save it for my next batch of video recs, which will likely be the Let's-Torture-Zack-With-Videos-of-His-Voice edition, but this particular one just couldn't wait.

Well, Zack, you did say you wanted to be the seme.

Zack: *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

In case you were wondering, alas, I have no idea what Suzumura is saying here, aside from a few words here and there, and anyway I can't hear very well over the sound of my (and Genesis's) laughter. I also don't know why fellow seiyuu allow Zack-Voice to do this sort of thing, unless it's that he happens to be cute. Cute ukes get away with everything.

Zack: *hides in the closet*
Genesis: "Bit late for that, Puppy."

BTW, I'm not positive, but I think Sephy-Voice is on that stage as well.

amarissia: (Default)
Saturday, February 6th, 2010 05:13 pm

I am totally video-spamming you guys. Sorry 'bout that. But I bring answers! Kind of. Remember, with the seiyuu pornings, we were talking about whether or not doing that sort of thing is at all awkward or embarrassing for the seiyuu? Apparently not. Like, at all. Like, I bring video of Suzumura (Zack-Voice!) and two I don't recognize, on-stage, giggling about it, complete with naughty noises. Yeah.

Vid is not subbed, and I do not have the skills to translate, but happily, a commenter, LCEllsie, translated in the comments, so I will paste them here below the video for everyone's convenience. Again, not my translation, hers, so if you want to express thanks, you can go to the video's source here. (My Japanese skills are woefully limited. I can tell you that thing Suzumura is holding says "Suzuken", his nickname, but that's about all.)

It's probably good that YouTube-stalking isn't illegal. Uh, it's not, is it?


S: SUZUMURA Ken-ichi (the young guy holding the yellow stuff)
H: HORIUCHI Ken-yu (the older guy wearing glasses)
J: KOSUGI Jurota (the other older guy in a blue shirt)

S: Thanks... Suzu-Ken here!
H: Suzumura, from your POV, who in our generation is the easiest
to do it with (in a yaoi drama) ?
S: Easiest to... What kind of a question is that? Um, you are both very good for me.
H: I'm not asking for tact, here.
J: I like Ishida Akira.
(Audience cheers)
H: Er... Excuse me, when did I ask you?
J: Oh. That's right...
H: Who do you like next?
J: Let's see... (Miki) Shin-ichiro is easy to do, too.
S: Easy to... (laughs)
H: Hmm. Me, I like you best.
S: Really? Thanks.
H: Suzu-Ken and Nari-Ken. The Ken guys are all nice.
J: You're one too!
S: Right, we're a trio.
J: Speaking of Nari-Ken... Is it true he goes wild in the rec room?
H: How do you mean?
J: They say he moves.
S: Yeah, he goes like this as he acts. And goes "Ahh, ahh..."
H: "Ahn..."
S: Even though (*) he's topping us, he sounds like this... "Ahh... Suzumura..." (*: The tops are usually quiet, allowing the listener to focus on the bottom's voice)
H: And what's more amazing, as soon as the scene is over he's totally back to normal.
S: Yeah, like nothing happened.
H: Right?
S: And he comes real close when he talks.
H: He does.
J: Right.
S: Like, "How's it going, Suzumura?"
H: Into your ear. Half-whispering.
J: Out of nowhere, he comes next to me in the studio and goes, "Come on, Jurota-san my dear..." And I'm like WTF?
H: That's him!
J: It's not like I did anything. Out of nowhere... " Jurota-san my dear..."
H: And he breathes into your ear.
J: He does. Whispering the most mundane things.
H: Whispering, "Nice day, isn't it Ken-yu san?" I don't get it at all. Such a mystery. BTW why are we getting so worked up over him?
J: It's not like he's coming today.
H: Of course not.
H: You have other favorites, too, don't you? Like (Yamaguchi) Kappei.
J: Kappei... Have I done it with Kappei?
S: "Done it" ? (Laughs) So you like folks with cute voices.
H: That's it, you like 'em cute and tiny. With women, too. And men.
S: I'm no good, then? Why not?
J: Don't worry.
S: Spare your love for me, too. Love me, too. Please, sir.
H: Go ask him, then.
S: (In his bedroom voice) "Jurota-san... Make love to me."
(Audience cheers)
H: You prat!
S: They just said we're allowed this type of thing (meaning gay innuendo) on this show. So I figured why not?
H: Save it for later!
S: Oh, shoot. Too soon?
H: Can I go next? (in a funny voice) "Jurota-san, make love to me."
S: How was he?
J: (in the same voice) "Sure!"
H: (mimes falling down)


Okay, Horiuchi Ken'yu was Kousaka in Mirage of Blaze (SQUEE OMIGOD) and Kosugi Jurota both narrated Yami No Matsuei and voiced Kanou in Okane Ga Nai. Someone hold Sephy back...thank you, Cloud. Hey Angeal, Zack-Voice is up there alone with the gayest samurai ever and Cloud-Cousin's rape-y seme.

Zack: *wiggles, kicks feet, struggles to get back to the floor* "Lungs...being...crushed..."