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January 29th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Friday, January 29th, 2010 04:56 pm

You know that kind of writer's-block where you want to work on just one thing, but your brain is gleefully saying "Nope!" and instead hurling incessant plot-bunnies at you instead? And how you might be typing or doing email or something and think "I could totally write, right now", but then you sign off and your muses run off? And how you're trying to think, but one of your muses is playing something loudly in the background? Still with me? Anyone? Bueller?

Fine, Genesis, I'll bite. What the hell are you watching and why did you call me over? You know I still have issues with older anime.

Genesis: "It's called Zetsuai or Bronze or something, I don't know, but that's not the important thing. Who does that uke-looking fellow remind you of?"


Genesis: *eyeroll* "I'll give you a hint. He's angsty, he likes to attack people while they're in hospital beds, and he seems to be boffing the voice of that dreamy Naoe."

Omigod, you found a Takaya-cousin?

Genesis: "Apparently, we Choir aren't the only ones who have distant relatives. Ooh, I found another Seph-cousin too, see? We probably shouldn't tell him that Hayami Sho is the seiyuu. You know how he's been about that one since Yami No Matsuei."

True. So, uh, what's going on in this anime?

Genesis: *cheerfully* "No fucking idea. I'm just waiting for the sex scene. There had better be one, damn it."
Sephy: *enters room* "What is going on?"

AGH! Mute, Genesis, mute!

Genesis: "But I might miss sexy noises!"
Sephy: *eyes narrow* "Muraki-Voice..."
Genesis: "Oops."
Sephy: "I demand that you emerge from that screen and fight!"

Nice one, Gen, you've sent him into Great-Uke-Defender Mode.

Sephy: *lunges for screen*
Cloud: *tackles, OmniSlashes, snuggles the unconscious heap that is Sephy*
Angeal: *enters, holding Zack under one arm* "Nicely done, little one."
Zack: *smirk* "And that, Genesis, is why you and Amarissia are not allowed to open the Mirage of Blaze portal."
Genesis: *blink* "Angeal, kindly tell your wife to bite me. Sucking is also welcome."
Zack: *growl, flail*

...I have to go now. In tribute to the Portal-That-Must-Not-Be-Named Opened, I leave you with an awesome MoB vid. Also to taunt Kel_fish. We'll make a drooling, raving insanely confused fan out of you yet!