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January 15th, 2010

amarissia: (Default)
Friday, January 15th, 2010 08:53 pm

...with very little to say, actually. Although Ardwynna's mention of her recent dreams reminded me about one I had a few nights ago - an FFVII dream, which is rare and therefore exciting! Sadly, it wasn't anything yaoi at all. For some reason I was visiting Vincent, who lived right above a lovely little pizza place, and he sent me down to get more garlic butter. *shrug* My subconscious is not the fascinating place you were expecting, huh?

I'm sure many of you are wanting an update on the new happy couple. I'll let Genesis do it, to make up for him now being the only Choir member not paired up.

Genesis: *sigh* "Oh, yes, talking about Angeal and Puppy will surely ease my loneliness. Once again you prove your brilliance at dealing with people, Amarissia. Anyway, the lovebirds are just fine. Doing the goopy-stars-in-eyes stare at each other far too much for my taste, and sneaking off whenever they want to do anything X-rated, but at least I've gotten to see some light groping."
Angeal: "And that's all you're going to see. We've found all the cameras. I think."
Zack: *goes by with fifth box full of them* "You fangirls are as persistent as Genesis, ya know that?"
Genesis: "Look, everyone, Puppy's walking normally again! Oh, didn't you notice his slight limping earlier? Well, it's to be expected, Angeal is rather large."
Zack: *turns red, attacks*
Genesis: "You shouldn't be fighting in your condition, Puppy."
Angeal: *gently pulls Zack away*

The other couple is also doing fine. Sephy has meanly been beefing up the locks on the portals, just because he caught Gen and I with a blowtorch. He doesn't trust us at all.

Genesis: "And he took it away. Now how am I going to melt wax"

Cloud has been busy training his new chickabo Patrick, who, he's proud to let you know, does his business on paper -

Cloud: *giggle* "Mostly on files we stole from Hojo."

- and can also sit and walk on command.

Cloud: "He tries to fly, but his wings are still little, so he just kinda bounces. Like Zack!"
Zack: *laugh*
Cloud: "Angeal, can you teach him how to fly?"
Angeal: "Don't worry, little one, he'll know how when he's ready."

Cloudy has been a little bleary-eyed lately. A few nights ago I was up with icky cramps and passing the time by trying my hand at FFX-2 (I don't think I much like Whore!Yuna), but I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway. Ryu-chan was over, and since he persists in not understanding who my Guru's L is (Ryu-chan believes he's some sort of doll), they nabbed my Death Note DVDs and were having a little marathon. There was much cheering and giggling, quite a lot of sniffling, and it ended with them curled up together on the floor, where Sephy put a blanket over them. I really hate the Choir's ban on cameras...

And finally, progress is slow on the new Decorum, but it's going. Oddly, now that Zangeal is Choir-canon, it's harder to write Seph/Zack. But don't worry, I won't be abandoning the series.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go explain to Cloud, again, that he does not know how to speak Dutch. (Don't ask.)